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We help brands and organizations to create more effective communication in the connected world. This by combining on- and off screen technology, digiphysical experiences, social content and storytelling.

Apartment5. is a digital communication and innovation agency. Our starting point is the potential of today’s digital media landscape. As bought, owned and earned channels merge, the boundaries between PR, advertising and product development dissolve. Digital and social opportunities are everywhere – both on-screen and off-screen.
We help our clients to perform and produce in this world, by combining expertise in creative technology, coding, design, social media and strategy. Today we are a team of 15 passionate consultants based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Digital/social strategy

We help you to communicate more effectively by defining your challenges, target group insights, messages and activities in the connected media landscape and jungle of technology.

Solutions and campaigns

Everybody loves a good idea. So do we. The digital media landscape creates huge opportunities. Our solutions can end up in anything – as long as we master your challenges.

Onscreen production

Apps, campaign sites, PHP, Node.js, social media integrations, HTML5, banners, real time experiences, API integrations, Python, CSS, Wordpress, mobile solutions, live streaming. Yep, we do all that and more.

Offscreen production

Physical things are the new internet. We help our clients to create interactive and mobile experiences with your packaging, space or gadget as a start. We use Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Kinect, iBeacon and so on.

User experience and design

We hate lousy design and annoying websites. One click too much can be one customer less. An online experience should be intutitive, fast and beautiful. Less is more is often the right online solution.

Education and workshops

Do you want to know more about new digital and social media technology or get some help with your challenges? Book us for a lecture or workshop. Get the coffee ready, we’ll bring the rest.
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The Glenlivet
Kanal 5
Xperience Group
Hammarby Fotboll Virtual Reality Experience

Hammarby Fotboll Virtual Reality Experience

Hammarby Fotboll Virtual Reality Experience

Hammarby Fotboll is one of the most popular football clubs in Sweden. As a way to better present the club for potential sponsors and partners, we made a 360 film showing how it is to enter the arena together with the players. The 360 film shoot was made during the 2015 premiere of the Swedish football league. The arena was sold out and all the fans are singing the well known Hammarby anthem "Just idag är jag stark". A very strong Hammarby experience and a unique chance to walk in with the players. Hammarby use Samsung Gear VR to show the VR film in meetings.

Hammarby Fotboll Virtual Reality Experience
Are You a Kingsman?

Are You a Kingsman? #areyouakingsman

Are You a Kingsman? #areyouakingsman

Kingsman: The Secret Service was one of 20th Century Fox most important releases during 2015. It’s a Bond influenced action movie about nine young aspirants who are challenged in different ways to become part of the Kingsman secret service. As part of the Swedish launch we took inspiration from the Kingsman story and arranged a reality game called ”Are You a Kingsman?”.

We invited groups of friends, from different clusters, and with a big following on Instagram, to embark ”one of their most dangerous job interviews ever”. We got 20 aspirants, divided in to five teams. They were handed their own team car and a Nokia Lumia smartphone with an ”Are You a Kingsman?” game app. The game was based on 60 different missions, big and small, all over Stockholm. Everything was on time and the more missions they completed, the more points they got. In some missions the aspirants had to report by photos in the app and in some they had to take help from their followers in social media, with the hashtag #areyouakingsman.
We could follow all the teams by GPS and send push messages to give them new challenges along the way. Bought out of home media (Stureplan) and radio ad spots (Vinyl 107,1) were used to send out new missions and hidden codes. NFC technology was used to scan a hotel room for hidden codes.

By the end of the day we screened the Kingsman movie to some really excited aspirants. The whole game resulted in over 790 Instagram photos tagged with #areyouakingsman and a gross reach of over 1,3 million Instagram followers.

SCA 2015 Awards

Are You a Kingsman? Are You a Kingsman?
Are You a Kingsman?
The Glenlivet Cabin

The Glenlivet Cabin

The Glenlivet Cabin

How can we best create online and offline storytelling for our client The Glenlivet? That’s one of the few ways for an alcohol brand to reach out in a relevant way, due to marketing regulations. We believe in doing ways for real. For real means that we handle our client’s products and brands with respect. Relevance and long term relations with the target groups is key.
The most important objective was to create more members for The Glenlivet Guardians, a members club online, where acitivities and information from The Glenlivet is shared.

Our answer was to create The Glenlivet Guardian Members’ Cabin in the archipelago of Stockholm. Here we have interpreted Speyside and the Glenlivet brand into a exclusive cabin. The Cabin is situated in a secret location where a unique bottle is served, not to be found anywhere else in Sweden.
Exclusively for members, this cabin can be booked, with a tasting, and a gourmet dinner. Alongside the members, ambassadors have and will visit the cabin sharing their experiences in social channels, as well as the members own storytelling. The value of being a Guardian becomes obvious, as this is the only way to be able to book this experience.

The Glenlivet Cabin The Glenlivet Cabin
Ballantine’s Check In Machine

Ballantine’s Check In Machine

Ballantine’s Check In Machine

Our client Ballantine’s arranged a whisky tasting tour during the summer of 2014. They asked us how they could reach out more by using social media during these events. Swedish regulations on marketing for alcohol makes it a bit more tricky to reach out for alcohol brands. Don’t get us wrong; we think these regulations are good – alcohol is not for kids.
So we had to think in a new way.

Facebook is the most important social media channel for the target audience. Our solution for Ballantine’s was to build the Ballantine’s Facebook Check In Machine. A golf ball dispenser machine that gives away a free Ballantine’s golf ball for each Facebook Places check-in at the local place. Inside the machine there’s a wifi connected Raspberry Pi-computer programmed to read the Facebook Places API. The actual ball dispenser is a beautiful work of mechanical engineering, that hands out the free golf ball.

The Ballantine’s Facebook Check In Machine was on tour around golf clubs in Sweden, with Ballantine’s whisky tasting crew (30 clubs). For each golf club we changed the Facebook check-in. There’s a special Ballantine’s ”19th hole” Facebook check-in, which gives valuable earned media presence in the Facebook feed of the person who checks in. The share of check-ins thanks to the machine have gone from 0 % to approx 50 % of the visitors. Each event had everything from just a few to 100 visitors.


Ballantine’s Check In Machine Ballantine’s Check In Machine
Ballantine’s Check In Machine
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